10 of the Best Apps From Black Founders in 2016


  1. Legal Equalizer


Legal Equalizer is an app that can help in the event you or a loved one is pulled over or confronted by law enforcement. “Let’s say you get pulled over. Instead of having to text, you hit one button—an ‘S.O.S.’ button—and it will let those people [that you designate in the app during the initial set up] know you were pulled over.”

Image: Legal Equalizer Image: Legal Equalizer


  1. Geniemates


Users can send a text via the Geniemates app describing the type of cleaning service they need. A “Geniemate,” a vetted, professional cleaner, will arrive at your home or office in the time frame you specify.

Image: Geniemates Image: Geniemates


  1. Hey A.J.


Hey A.J. is an interactive children’s picture book app that functions as a companion to a series of children’s books created by pro football player Martellus Bennett. Kids help the main character A.J. along, as she tries to make breakfast for herself on a Saturday morning. The kitchen is filled with whimsical characters, including bacon-frying pandas, monkeys, and horses that are also trying to cook breakfast.

Image: The Imagination Agency Image: The Imagination Agency


  1. Mixtroz


Mixtroz is an events app that is “the only tool that solves the current ineffectiveness of building and sustaining strong and meaningful networks formed exclusively by a ‘click’ online or by brief, often awkward, personal introduction,” says co-founder Ashley Ammons.

Image: Mixtroz Image: Mixtroz


  1. Mixle


Mixle is an app an app that lets people connect with others, who share similar thoughts, interests, or goals for instant in-person meet ups. It provides businesses, conference organizers, and event planners with a unique way of servicing customers, enhancing event experiences, and increasing revenue.

Image: DataBox Technologies, LLC Image: DataBox Technologies, LLC


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