Being Black and Latino

Take a look at how Latino’s get rejected by their own community because they are too dark or mixed with black. Being Black and Latino must leave them feeling like outcast from both sides.

I came across this interesting topic because of the recent piece we did on Zoe Saldana. Zoe has been getting backlash from the black community because she’s playing black roles. Zoe is the product of a Dominican father and Puerto Rican mother. Because Zoe’s skin color is dark, she considers herself black, and it could also be because it’s hard for her to get a Latino roles in movies. In an interview with Allure magazine, Zoe stated, “It doesn’t matter how much backlash I will get for it. I will honor and respect my black community because that’s who I am.” If Zoe considers herself black then why should we reject her. I feel like this country only see’s in black or white and there is no middle ground. If you’re not white then you’re black or at least treated like blacks.
She recently received the role to play Nina Simone and some blacks view it as a sign of disrespect. I don’t see how this is her fault and why people want to make comments about her. The person responsible for this is the casting director, Cynthia Mort. Nina Simone had dark skin, kinky hair, and full lips. If someone was to play her in a movie they should at least have similar characteristics. Nina was around during the civil rights movement and her race played a pivotal role in who she was. If India Arie went for this role she would be a better choice, in my opinion. I had nothing against Zoe when she played the daughter of Bernie Mac in Guess Who. She broke barriers when she finally landed a role as a Latino in Colombian. She just trying to get her money, its not her fault, blame it on Hollywood.

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