Bowling Green DL loses shoe, plays dead

Bowling Green Shoe (Vine) Bowling Green DL Mike Minns lost his shoe and then played dead. (Vine)

What do you do if you lose your shoe on goalline defense but you’re a 327 pound lineman and know you can’t get off the field in time?

You play dead of course.

That is Bowling Green defensive lineman Mike Minns waving his shoe in the air to alert everyone that he lost it. He realizes that Tennessee is getting set at the line and is trying to hurry up, so, since he won’t get off the field, he decides he might as well go down and play dead.

Lost shoes aside, the Falcons have given the Vols all they can handle so far in the first half, trailing 21-20 with 5:31 to go in the second quarter.

Source: CBS College FB


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