Face Forward 6th Annual Gala : Recap

Let’s start off by saying what an wonderful evening …

Face Forward is a non profit organization that works around the nation to help identify victims of domestic violence who are working towards recovery, yet they still have the physical evidence of past abuse. Face Foward’s founder and CEO Mrs. Deborah Alessi founded Face Forward in 2007. Mrs. Alessi is a survivor of domestic violence and is a true advocate of this worthy cause.Not only is the organization responsible for providing pro bono reconstructive surgery, they also create a warm, welcoming , and safe environment for the victims to start a new life and reclaim there confidence.

September 19th, 2015 marked Face Forwards 6th annual gala. The event was held in Downtown, Los Angeles and began around 6:00pm. Moulin Rouge was the theme and it complimented it so well. Celebrities like Nelly, Ben Hollignsworth, and Luis Guzman showed their support and voiced the importance of raising awareness in regards to domestic violence.

When Nelly was asked “Would you like to see Hip Hop do more to raise awareness”?

” Id like to see hip hop do a lot more for just social awareness and a lot of other issues.Domestic violence is definitely one thats in our neighborhoods.Theres a lot of things that we need to wake up and be more conscious about.”

Nelly’s lovely date Shontell Jackson, who is formerly known as Floyd Mayweather ‘s  ex girlfriend stated her advice to domestic violence victims:

“Its easier said than done, but try to get out sooner than later. The more you stay in it, its harder on yourself and your family. You’re not happy and your not living life, so get out as soon as possible”

The evening continued on with dinner, table gifts, performances by Macy Gray and more. We also got a chance to speak with Chaka Kan  right before her performance about dancing with the stars, her current inspiration for music and her opinion on domestic violence.

In all it was an astonishing gala filled with genuine people who all shared the same purpose which was to raise awareness for victims of domestic violence.



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