Ferguson Protesters Report Police Opening Fire On Wall of Protesters


It sounds almost reminiscent of the Kent State University massacre in 1970. But this is not a protest from the Civil Rights Era, it is happening as we speak. Two protesters have just been shot in Ferguson, and many activists on the ground say the police are to blame.

The demonstrators had gathered to commemorate the one year anniversary of the Mike Brown murder at the hands of Officer Darren Wilson. But in the middle of a late-night confrontation Sunday night between police and protesters, two activists were gunned down – apparently by police officers.

Police said they were just “trying to disperse a crowd” after some of the protesters were accused of “blocking traffic.”

Apparently police believe that the appropriate way to disperse a crowd is by firing live ammunition at them.

The Raw Story reports that “anniversary commemorations for Michael Brown had begun with a quiet march through the St. Louis suburb following a moment of silence for 18-year-old Brown, whose slaying on Aug. 9, 2014, ignited months of demonstrations and a national debate on race and justice.”

But then cops with helmets and body armed moved in and confronted what formed into a line of protesters. The police ordered them to disperse, and when they did not, the cops opened fire according to reports on the ground coming in from several demonstrators.

The protesters, locking arms and edging closer to the police cordon, began throwing water bottles and shouting, “We are ready for war!” Both sides held their ground, and police did not move immediately to make any arrests as clergy members and activists circulated between the two sides appealing for calm.

“The St. Louis County Police Department was involved in an officer-involved shooting after officers came under heavy gunfire,” county police spokesman Shawn McGuire read from a prepared statement.

The police are claiming that “two unmarked” police cars were also hit by gunfire.

(Article by S. Wooten and M. David)

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