Middle finger too

Turns out when you have an accident with fireworks it doesn’t always damage just one finger. Such is the case with Giants defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul who, according to reports, is dealing with not one, not two, but three damaged fingers.

There was initially a report about JPP losing his right index finger. That’s been out there for a while. But with the defensive end not getting back on the field for the Giants in time for Week 1, there were questions about what additional damage he might be dealing with.

We heard a report mid-day Tuesday about Pierre-Paul possibly having damage to the top of his right thumb as well and now there’s a report from Dan Graziano of ESPN saying JPP had a procedure done on his right middle finger just days before the Giants examined him last week.

Pierre-Paul reported to the Giants last week, when he underwent his physical. So the front office and coaching staff finally got a look at his hand and appendages.

The continued addition of subtraction in terms of digits is only further reason for the Giants to be concerned about the possibility of Pierre-Paul actually getting on the field for the team in 2015.

With New York’s ability to rescind the franchise tender they gave Pierre-Paul, it’s wholly possible he ends up not playing with them this season, should he be unable to get on the field.

Jason Pierre-Paul is reportedly missing more than just one finger. (USATSI)

Source: CBS NFL


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