New Music: Jay Rock x Kendrick Lamar “Easy Bake”

LL, DMX and 50…seriously? An actor, a crackhead and a troll.

Let me re-phrase, musically relevant legends.

I know what the hell metacritic is. An aggregate of all the “music heads” who don’t know shit about hip-hop. Essentially the same people who vote for the Grammys. The same people who declared “The Heist” better than GKMC.

Kingdom Come has a higher score on MetaCritic than MCHG. Both of which are not great works yet they have “generally positive reviews”.

The point is I don’t need some old, pretentious bastard who used to snort coke off Mozart’s dick to tell me what’s good. I have two ears and a brain.

Source: Rap Radr


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