Senator Says He Will SHOOT You If You ‘Don’t Show Him Respect’ With Your ‘Smarty Pants’ Questions


An Arkansas state senator recently bragged that he will “shoot” and kill people if they do not approach him with the “proper respect” and if they try to ask him “smarty pants questions.”

The Arkansas Times blog says that Republican Senator Jason Rapert was tweeting about an incident at a Lowe’s hardware store. He says that recently a constituent named Lance White approached him, but didn’t show the proper “respect” when asking a question about public policy.

“Wow! I introduce my self kindly to my state legislator at Lowe’s last night. I then ask him a complicated question regarding government/law, to which I legitimately wanted and answer,” White said about the incident in a Facebook post Sunday morning.

The senator then replied, “I don’t answer questions to smarty pants like you.”

He screamed at the Lowe’s employee – “hurry up” and load his purchases, so he could avoid further questions.

“Later I notice this post on his Twitter account,” White explains. “Didn’t know asking government/law questions to a legislator qualified me for getting shot. #‎loosecanon‬” he posted.

On Twitter, Rapert had tweeted, “Not smart to come up and harass somebody in a parking lot who’s carrying a handgun. Better be glad you decided to walk away. #armed&ready”

“I asked Rapert later on Twitter if he meant to imply that harassment would be ground for shooting someone in a parking lot,” Max Brantley from the Times says.

Rapert responded saying “by the way, I never said that was me. However, I believe in self defense and urge all my friends to be prepared. #armed&ready” and “I prefer not to waste Sunday morning with your banter. I would like to focus on more peaceful matters. Go to Church Max.”

Rapert later completely denied that this tweet had anything to do with White, even though it seems clear to most that it did.

“Apparently you confused yourself with an unrelated tweet,” the senator said to White. “You overestimate yourself. You weren’t threatening – just rude.”

“Do mere words cross the line into Rapert-will-blow-you-away territory?” Brantley asked. “Safest advice seems to be don’t ask the senator questions on the Lowe’s parking lot.”

(Article by Jackson Marciana; h/t Raw Story)

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